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May 7, 2010
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May 7, 2010, 6:27:32 PM
Dream Food Entry by Snowfern Dream Food Entry by Snowfern
1:12 and 1:6 parfait, made out of Air Dry Clay and Polymer Clay. for #semi-sweeties Dream Food contest.

I didn't know what to make, since i really like odd foods that look gross, so i asked bf and he said he wanted a parfait, with lots of strawberry sauce and pocky sticks, and wafers. so i made the 1:6 version for him, and a 1:12 version for me :)

as to -my- dream food? when bf mentioned it, he reminded me of the sundaes i used to have as a child, at the basement of Plaza Sing (here in Singapore), where there were cornflakes topped with soft serve, and some canned fruits. the cornflakes were my favourite part! i want to re-visit those days, and that taste (ah, how closely linked tastes and smells are to memories, eh?)! well, of course, my favourite flavour is strawberry, but only the artificial sort, not the real fruit cos that's mostly sour :P

already blogged about the procedure, and why this entry was -initially- called "Failed Dream Food Entry" :P but here's how i did what:

cornflakes - polymer clay, used a towel to get the texture
strawberry slices - polymer clay cane, old stuff i made
pocky sticks - polymer clay, it even had the grill marks on it like pocky sticks do. sigh. then coated with LPC and baked. it's real thin and rather fragile, but eh, i don't know how to get around that. it's barely 1mm thick!
wafer - polymer clay. used the detail on my utility knife
strawberry - polymer clay, then painted with acrylics for detail
chocolate twirl - polymer clay strip baked around toothpick
sundae - air dry clay, piped into glass.

basically, i mis-understood the rules, and thought i was allowed to use air dry clay too, but after i completed it, i re-read the rules and it said POLYMER CLAY T_T now that i've cleared up the misunderstanding with the founder (it's ok since it's mostly polymer clay) i've been given the o-k to submit this WOOT!


why do i like semi-sweeties? well, when i first started out with miniatures, i was so unsure of how good/bad i was, if i had potential, whether it was worth my time making what i did. back then there was no #semi-sweeties yet (early 2009) or if there was, i was blissfully unaware. but i understood the importance of communities in gaining confidence, encouragement and a friendly environment to nurture whatever hidden talents one had.

back then i also hadn't known that there were -that many- sweet-lovers out there! so when i got the invite to join this specialized group, i knew for sure i'd fit in ;) the quirky sense of humour (please tell me you chuckled at "So cute, it rots your teeth", otherwise i'd feel silly for being the only one who did), the no-pressure atmosphere, and light-hearted feel of the group also helps alot :D

contests like these are my favourite aspect to joining communities. i'm very very goal-oriented (sorry if i sound like a broken record) and this gave me an opportunity to explore new techniques (those pocky sticks were a b*tch to make) and finally get down to what i've always wanted to try making! just being able to participate gives me a chance to explore and practice and develop my skills, but of course, winning would be a HUUUUGE plus ;)

thanks for the opportunity, and for all the work put into making semi-sweeties so fun to be a part of! i hope to contribute more regularly in the future ^ ^ (if this old rotting brain of mine can remember to....)
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sooo cool!
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this makes me soo hungry :D
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You live in Singapore? Cool, I do too! :D I love your work, I find it amazing that people can work on such a small scale :) If I tried to do that I'll probably give up halfway and destroy the piece or something haha :P
xxxanonymous Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012   General Artist
You into the culinary life style
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that looks soo good!!!
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i...i..i m hungryy~~! and i want to eat one of those~~!
But i still love it ~! :nuu: :squee: :dance:
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I love the baby one!!!!!
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